Affordable Websites, Blogs & More for Your Small Business – Without Causing You Stress!

Websites, Facebook, Twitter – Who needs them?

You do!  A web presence has become mandatory in order to succeed in almost every businesses today.
Without a website, you may be sabotaging your own efforts at success.
It can cost many thousands of dollars to create a website – but it doesn’t have to.

Zen City Design will design a simple site for you quickly and inexpensively.

Today’s technology can appear overwhelming but it’s actually become quite simple – simple enough for the true beginner.  All you need is someone to patiently and clearly explain it to you and that’s what we do at Zen City Design.  Let us explain how the internet will serve you, in simple language that makes it easy to understand the many cost free benefits of the web that will help your business flourish.

Get your website up to speed fast and inexpensively so that clients can find you now.   Zen City Design start up packages are customized to your preference and business goals. Call today for a free price quote.

We specialize in creating sites and marketing solutions for socially responsible businesses and professionals, including writers, teachers, healers, and non-profit organizations with an intention to serve.   Integrity is central to our business and that of our clients.  Our aim is to create a digital environment for your business to thrive in, with no stress to you.  Price quotes are 100% guaranteed.

Call Zen City Design today!  917.628.4705





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